Corsair Launches Power Supply Line for Gamers



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Keith E. Whisman

I've always liked the Corsair PSU pricing compared to everyone else. You get so much more for your dollar. Corsair ain't a generic brand at all. I had an 800Watt Corsair for around $140bucks and it was great. 



My old rule for teaching noobs about good and bad psu brands was, if they make a psu with an led fan, they're bad.  Now I need a new rule, thanks a lot Corsair!



I thought thier power supply's where already targeted for gamers, enthusiast, and the like...? So wtf is this? A rebranded PSU with a LED fan?



So its targeted towards gamers, but according to the picture, is Non-modular? Cmon, most PSU's these days feature at least the ability to chose whether or not SOME of the power connectors are present or absent.



+1 for Darth's comment. 

Actually my first "Holly Shit, I'm really going to build my own computer from the ground up" PC used a Corsair HX 620 watt modular power supply.  That supply had three +12v rails hard wired to the unit with the remaining cables being modular.  It's been a great unit and five years later, is still running strong.

The only thing I had any gripe about with the HX620 was the fact that it wasn't "Completely" modular.  Yes, I know many modern cases (including Corsair's own offerings) have ways of routing excess cable behind the mobo,  but once you've tasted the sweet, tidy goodness that is a modular power's tough to go back to the "bundle o' wires".

I guess I'm a little puzzled that Corsair's newest PSU offerings would go back to the standard cable bundle - especially when it seems the trend has been towards modular PSU designs.  I have no doubt that this "new" product will be a quality part (like all Corsair parts I've had the good fortune to deal with); but not even a hybrid modular design, like my trusty HX 620w?  IDK, maybe there is some kind of performance reason for going the non-modualr route that I'm missing? 

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