Corsair Launches Extreme Series SSDs with Upgradeable Firmware



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I knew that a week ago! Are you slow?



 Ya, well I knew it 2 WEEKS ago! YOU must be slow!

 Honestly, lighten up. You and everyone else that bitches about this kind of stuff. Maybe, just maybe, MPC doesn't spend all it's time trolling the internet looking for every possible news story and event to post the nano second it happens.

 The performance of that drive... just imagine it in a RAID0. Holy crap that'd be fast. PC would have booted before I pushed the power button! Having 2.5" drives is nice, but I'd also like to see some more 3.5" drives too for us desktop users. Sure, I could use an adapter, but that'll add weight to my PC, and I dont know if a drive adapter would fit properly with how my HDD's mount in the case (Cooler Master Cosmos 1000)


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Looks like the press release originally came out a week ago, but didn't post to their site until today -

-Paul Lilly

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