Corsair Launches Enthusiast Series PSUs with Modular Cables



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Awww, right after I bought one of the old ones!



Use the link above when making decisions on PSU's and you wont go wrong.

You can research any mfr by going to the main page and they list pretty much every PSU ever made.

In your case, you made the better decision by getting the TXv2 version [which is what I am assuming you mean by one of the "old" ones], as the website shows the "old" model as being made by Seasonic whereas the models advertised in this annoucement [TX2vM] are made by Channel Well Technologies [CWT].

Seasonic makes the best PSU's in the world and has done so for years.

They were the PSU makers for the PC Power & Cooling series and the reason that company was so famous but not all their current line is made by Seasonic.

I have an AX850 which is the highest power-rated Seasonic PSU that Corsair carries and it is an absolute beauty and worth every penny I paid for it.

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