Corsair Launches Cooling Ice Series T30 Ambient Memory Cooler



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the question on my mind is.  is it one cooler per dimm, or will one fit over all 4-6 memory slots? cause i'll be damned if i'm putting up $400 to cool 2 ram modules.

 and maybe this is how they break them o/c records......they never did mention if they use any cooling method on thier modules.....hmmmm



The question is, how much performance can you get on your system if you overclock your memory 100Mhz?  I'm not in the overclocking scene to really know if it is worth the 200 bucks.



wake me up when memory needs cooling



hmmmm....Maybe, just maybe memory might need to be cooled when it's overclocked.....didn't think of that now didja?



hmmmm, maybe, just maybe there really is no point in overclocking memory.



yeah. since when did the frequency or timing have anything to do with memory speed. and when did memory cspeed have anything to do with over all computer proformance? who still uses 72 pin memory in here? I wonder why that might be? >.<

Sure, it's expensive but your a nub if your still thinking that memory cannot be overclocked or does not heat up. I mean, do you not have ddr3 (proformance) memory... notice something new on it? metallic even? they call it a heat spreader....ever wonder why its there? This unit would be doing something simular just far better at it then the heat spreader. Now, the price point is something that only the buyer can decide if its worth it (i do not).

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