Corsair Isn't For Sale, But Is Looking for Investment Partner to Fund Buying Spree



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Corsair is one of my favorite companies to buy products from. Whether its PSU's, Cases, SSD's, water cooling...,they make quality products. I always buy from them first if its in my price range. Glad to see they arn't selling!


Renegade Knight

Their excuse as to why they didn't want to go IPO is that they didn't like what they were actually worth. With a private equity firm buying in though they had better be insanely profitable or be ready to do an IPO in the future anyway. Since if they were insanely profitable they wouldn't need a private equity firm they can plan on that IPO.


The Mac

Thats not really how it works.

when you go for an IPO, you are givien a valuation. Its what you are stuck with, and it doesnt change.

When you go for PE, you offer equity and ask for a price.

you negotiate both the equity, and the monetary value.

Some PEs are more willing to pay more for the same equity, others are not. Some are willig to give you less money for less equity....

you have to shop around...

Watch Shark Tank if you dont understand...



The only two Corsair products I've owned are RAM and headset. Care to guess which one I still own? I'll just save everybody the trouble and say that I am still rocking the Vengeance memory sticks. As for their headset, Vengeance 1100 (a good match with my RAM I'd figured), I went through 2 of those in less than a year and couldn't have been more disappointed with the quality.



I friggin' love Corsair. I may be fanboying at this point, but I have never seen such an amazing company.

Case in point: My old HS1 finally broke down, so when I RMA'd it, they in turn sent me the Vengeance 1500, which is so much better.

Hell, today, I asked Corsair to send me replacement bezels for my Vengeance C70's window. Instead of just sending me the bezels, they sent me an entire friggin' SIDE PANEL. I never asked for this, but it was even better.



Would they buy OCZ?


Peanut Fox

Way too much redundancy for that to make sense. I don't think OCZ makes anything that Corsair already doesn't. Unless they wanted Indilinx for something.


The Mac

ozc has awful quality, i certainly hope not...



Imagine Corsair motherboards. =O


The Mac

I love corsair products, and own many.

This pretty exciting if they can keep their quality high.

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