Corsair Introduces Very Respectable 64GB Flash Drive



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digital demon

Makes my 2 gigger look like a floppy.

Remember when hard drives were 60 gigs?



dont lose it lol



My question is why is this cheaper than a 64 Gig SSD?  Different flash memory chips?  Slower read/write speeds??  Why couldn't you just install windows on this bad boy and boot from the USB?  Would that be slower or faster than a traditional HDD (especially when considering a 5400 RPM laptop drive)???



Apparently the VP of applications over at Corsair hasn't used a laptop recently. I got a laptop two years ago, and without purchasing any hard drive upgrades, it came stock with 120GB of hard drive space, and I've got an older IBM t60 with 80 GB of space.  I'm not saying that the corsair isn't a very well stacked storage device, but to say it's got more storage space than a laptop, well, that's a bit much of a claim.

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