Corsair Dominator DDR3 Memory Sets New World Record



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Big whoop-tee-doo.  1 GB of RAM?  Well, I guess I can run Windows 95 real fast for about  4 minutes before the liquid N2 evaporates.  I want to see their system actually do something other than run synthetic benchmarks on an antiquated 32-bit memory model.  Show me something you can run 24/7 and then I'll be impressed.



To me if you want to make a record speed, it has to repeatable, and be able to be done outside the lab.  Sure I can just go to the local welding supply house and probably get some liquid nitrogen and do this at home, but its not a sustainable speed.  I would like to see what happened to it when the nitrogen ran out and it went neuclear there on the table.  If you want to post a speed record, put it in an off the shelf case, and install and off the shelf cooling system, you could use a phase change or peltier. Crank it up and run it stable for 24 hours of use on Prime and then post the results.  To me that would be a record.



Wait.. so if the e8400 is at a 645 fsb, does that mean it was overclocked to 5.8ghz!? (645x9=5805) or did they lower the multiplier? just wondering



The mulitplier was lowered to x6, so it was running at 3.87GHz.



okay, that makes sense, thanks for the info.

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