Corsair Cranks Out Two New Force Series SSDs



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So you're saying you'd rather endorse a company that knowingly shipped hardware-revised SSDs under the same name and model number as a previous revision, which performed slower... and a company that also denied any issues or switcheroos until they were called out by Anandtech at which time they finally owned up to their "mistake"?  They switched from 34nm NAND chips to 25nm and used only half the NAND chips in the same 120GB drive, reducing the number of channels by 50% and simply left the model number alone.  You could say they never even bothered to test performance on the updated drives - either way it doesn't matter.  They changed things, knew it would affect performance as well as capacity of these drives, decided to leave the labels alone so no one buying their SSDs could tell, and denied it the whole time.

Yet a company who proactively recalls their drives deserves no respect.  I think you should reconsider what you value.  I currently run a pair of OCZ Vertex 2 drive in RAID 0, fully knowing and taking responsibility for the risks.  Though I've had no problems with the drives, I am seriously considering avoiding them in the future due to their willful deceit.  If they treat their loyal enthusiast customers this way, why wouldn't they do it again?  Besides, this was not the first time they left their customers in the lurch.

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