Corsair Cranks Out Trio of Professional Series Gold Certified PSUs



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Whatever happened to PC Power and Cooling?  All of the online retailers are out of stock.  Anyone know if they are comming out with a new line of products or is OCZ closing them up?



Looks heavy, must be expensive :)



the 80 plus certification is conducted by an independent laboratory, their tests are conducted inside a thermal chamber with a constant temperature of 23°C ( 73.4°F) this is BS as no computer works inside at that low temperature, try testing the same psu @ 40°C and you can't get that efficiency, its all about the money and making sales they care about, few PSU makers test their PSUs at 40°C like SeaSonic does.



Ummm....Seasonic is what all of Corsair's PSU's are based off of? Or at least almost all of them? Sheesh who pissed in your cheerios, if you wanna know the lowdown on a PSU hardocp does the best most in depth reviews, corsair has never failed to treat us well with great prices.



The AX1200 is made by flextronics. Jonnyguru tested it and it's efficiency cleared 80+ gold in the hotbox maintaining 90.9% efficiency while passing 44C air through it. It maxed out at 94.1% efficiency at 772W with intake at 23C.]

link to that review

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