Corsair Announces 2933MHZ DDR3 Memory



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This looks good but they need a pretty good motherboard to run on, they might fail to stay in the market!! but although their specs are good, a little pricy, but that's what it needs..!!




2900 Mhz RAM. It begs to be tested with, and natively supported by, the new Richland APUs.



Why would anyone need RAM this fast. 3Ghz! Geez that's approaching the speed of the processor itself; faster than some budget chips. I guess for extreme over clocking it makes sense to have fast RAM. All I know is that here in Japan we're stuck with expensive, slow, crud RAM that lags behind the States. It's weird, most of the components and chips are made here in Japan, but not sold here.


Renegade Knight

What Chip are made in Japan? I'm aware of plants in the USA, Malasia, and Korea. I'm not familiar with what's made in Japan in the chip world.



Not CPU's, but a lot of the small capacitors, chips and resistors and other knick-knack-paddy-whacks that make mother boards work. Guess I should have been more specific.

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