Core i7-3970X Sandy Bridge-E CPU Reportedly In The Works



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enough satisfied with my current 3960X.
the expectation for this gen SB-E could be an octo core procs.
it will be rocks the OC.



My 2600 is powerful enough for me right now, there is simply just no reason for 5-30% more power only, on these more expensive 2011 cpus.



Im happy with my i7-2600, I'd rather not pay a premium at that point.



I bet the specs are going to changed and it will be a true SB 8-core processor. I hope!



Come on Intel! Get your act together. Stop feeding us crap. I already have a 3930K w/unlocked multiplier (which I was able to get for only $300 on sale through a special on the EVGA website). The 3960X and 3970X are both a total waste of money. No one (but the stupid and/or filthy rich) is willing to pay to upgrade to a $1000+ CPU, with only a miniscule performance gain over a 3930K CPU. A couple of 100Mhz more overclock is not worth paying the extra money - period. Now, if you were to actually offer a real CPU upgrade option such as an Ivy Bridge-E hexacore or octacore CPU, then folks would fork out the money! Stop with the cheesy Sandy Bridge-E stuff already! WE WANT OUR IVY BRIDGE-E NOW!!



Sure after I just bought a 3930 last weekend. Oh well the story of my life with hardware.



@ whitneymr - don't feel bad! You made the right decision. The 3930K costs about $550 right now? A 3960X will run you $1000, and will only be reduced in price to about $850 when the 3970X comes out initally and will most likely priced at around ~$1100. Trust me, your choice to buy the 3930K was a smart one. YOu will NOT see that extra $500+ of investment. The 3930K has an unlocked multiplier, just like the Extreme versions, so why pay more?? In theory, you could buy two 3930K CPUs for the cost of a single 3970X CPU O.o NOT WORTH IT! And so what if there is a very slight overclocking advantage that the Extreme CPUs have over the 3930K? It's only a couple 100Mhz overclock advantage which can only be gotten through extreme cooling solutions anyway. No, you made the right choice. 3930K FOR THE WIN! At least, until the Ivy Bridge-E is released! lol



Makes me think there may be a slight drop in price for the 3960X which would give SB-E 4 models for a wider choice. Most likely it is being done to reposition the 3960X to a lower pricing bracket to hopefully drive up interest for those who have been thinkin about it but haven't committed.



Of course I'm interested.......but I can't afford it. :(



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Can we please clean up the spam bots on this site?


Bullwinkle J Moose

Throw a couple of these CPU's on PCIe card for my 35 watt mini ITX

These would be nice for a low power system

Just use them when you need them (300 Watts for a few seconds) then put them in Low Power sleep mode

I just saved the planet 21.1 GigaWatts

If you can throw 150 - 300 Watts at a Graphics Card...
Or idle it all day at 60 - 100 watts...
Why not a 1 or 2 of these for a few seconds ?



In the Headline, should read 3970x not 3870x. Other than that I can't see anyone actually "upgrading" from a 3960x that's a hefty chunk of change to throw down for a .1 Ghz increase.



it's only a 1Ghz increase if you're not overclocking. I don't think anyone would upgrade from one enthusiast chip to another unless they were looking for more overclocking power. And yes plenty of people will upgrade just to get that much higher of an overclock.

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