Copyright Owners Ask Google to Flush 250,000 Infringing Search Links Every Week



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"We’ve also seen baseless copyright removal requests being used for anticompetitive purposes, or to remove content unfavorable to a particular person or company from our search results."

That is what I've always feared and expected.



The DMCA is the single most anti-consumer law in US history, the MPAA sold Congress(and Pres. Clinton) on this draconian law when US Copyright laws already protected their content for 125 years. The greed of the movie studios has no bounds.



Not wanting your products to be stolen over the web is greed?

That's a weird way of looking at it.



This is straight up pure, 100%, BS.

We need a law that protect search engines companies from this. If a copyright holder has an issue with a website that's infringing on their content, then they need to take it up with the website.



Absolutely correct!



"We need a law that..."

No, we don't. That's what got us into this mess in the first place: too many laws, too many trial lawyers, too many patent attorneys. What we need is sets of stocks and baskets of rotten vegetables outside the courthouses, to be applied liberally and at great length to any attorney who files a frivolous copyright lawsuit or C&D letter -- which would be pretty well all of them, these days.

Good old fashioned human shame is a far more effective means of behavioral control than any number of laws. And should that fail, there's always tar and feathers.


Shadow Death

And that last part is why the MPAA should not be allowed to make laws or enforce them for us.



So what about all the other requests to remove links to legitimately infringing sites? Do the few bullshit request over ride all of the legitimate ones? I don't think so.

I give Google credit for actually investigating the requests and denying the ones that are bogus.



For one, the current business model is basically overcharging for everything, putting restrictions on everything, so that a few individuals can make a shitload of profit at the expense of everybody else. So even the "legitimately infringing" people are, in my book, 100% justified, and should not be censored.

Moreover, the "bullshit" requests like people making requests for personal vendettas, are not the "few" over "all of the legitimate." The bullshit IS the 99% in this case.



Except with their some how millions they can spend in lobbying, they will continue to create the dystopian society where corporations are the government.

Which begs the question, if they're hurtin' so bad, why do they have money to blow on politics?



When your entire business model is based solely on greed, logic is often a casualty.

I foresee the day when you will be able to personally view whatever you choose in the New World Library, and then wait in line to have your memory of it completely erased on your way out the door, so you cannot ever "use" the information you viewed, thereby violating some complex copyright system.



Holy fuck! That's a terrifying idea!

But if it ever came to pass then I can imagine people protesting inside the New World Library and/or squatting and refusing to leave and just living there.

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