CoolIT's Upcoming Omni ALC will Support Fermi



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Warning: Use of this heat transplacing device will create excess temperatures if used inside.  Use only in a well vented area.  Do not leave computer to idle unattended.  Doing so will void the warranty on this cooling device, the videocard you use it with, whatever your computer sits on, and the paint covering the walls.  CoolIt will not be liable for damages beyond the cooler.  If leak should occur, please call the local fire department, or 911 imediately, then contact customer support.  Coverage void in the state of  W. Virginia.



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LOL! You forgot to mention that you also void the warranty from nVidia itself by replacing the original cooling system. But if something were to go wrong, warranties are going to be the least of your problems because now your going to have to deal with federal nuclear disaster team.



I'll take two please :D



The only problem with theses coolers is as soon as you remove the heat sink you void manufacturer warranty.  Fermi is gonna cost $500.  Hmmm..... no i don't think i'm gonna take a chance.  You could say well just buy it with it already installed, but they gouge you on prices for that from the manufacturer.  The sad part is that the fermi chips are gonna run sooooooooo hot (which is bad) that these coolers are probably recommended even if you don't overclock.....  Nvidia FTW... NOT!



Not necessarily. Both EVGA and XFX state you're allowed to roll with your own cooler (and overclock) without voiding the warranty, so long as you don't cause any physical damage in the process. This does not cover volt modding.

As for the rest, i'd suggest hanging onto the stock cooler, in case the card ever need to be RMA'd. As long as the failure didn't have anything to do with the new cooler (and if you installed it properly, it shouldn't), I'd have no moral objection to this.

EVGA Warranty Terms -
XFX Warranty Terms -
XFX Clarification -

-Paul Lilly



it just looks cool. i want one


I swear, it was broken before i dropped it.

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