Cooler Master's V Series PSUs Ready for Upcoming 80 Plus Titanium Spec



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John Pombrio

Cooler Master power supplies is on my best of the best list...



They should have the 450 watt version too. It would be more power efficient for less power-hungry systems.



Sounds nice. Let there be Titanium!
I'll buy when it's actually certified.



What about 80+ platinum isn't that a thing too or am I just crazy? On the off chance that I'm not crazy how does that compare to 80+ titanium?



You're not crazy (or at least I can't unofficially diagnose you as such from your post), the 80 Plus Platinum exists and is the currently the highest available in the U.S. To the best of my knowledge, the 80 Plus Titanium certification currently only exists for 220V power supplies (as opposed to 115V). It's even more stringent than Platinum and adds an efficient rating for 10 percent loads.

Here's how the standards compare:

80 Plus Standards



Higher efficiency at 10% load compared to most other power supplies which have their highest efficiency at 50% load. This is going to save you more money because chances are your PC spends most of the time idling at low power.



exactly, but try telling that to the idiots who have 1200W-1500W PSU's in a computer to handle one or MAYBE 2 video cards and a modest overclock and all those 5 fans. when they pull less than 600W from the WALL, and think they are doing it right.

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