Cooler Master Launches CM Storm Stryker Full Tower Chassis



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Does it have fan filters for every place a fan would go, as well as dust filters for certain locations?

I am still on the original HAF 932, and as you know it didn't come with fan filters, which is a failure in design right there!



It looks like a white version of the CM Storm Trooper. There are reviews of this case out already that pretty much say the same thing. They might have revised some innards a bit but it's basically a white CM Storm Trooper minus the eSata port on the top. Considering you can get the Trooper for like 50 bucks less, well I don't see much of a point to this other than it being white. I'll stick with my HAF X, which was a hard decision over the Trooper just a few months ago, I guess I'm partial to all black towers, white just looks like it'll get dirty really quickly.



I agree.

I've got three Storm Trooper builds so I did a spec-by-spec comparison and couldn't find ANY advantage to this new unit... in fact it offers less!

And besides... I don't think any self-respecting PC would want to be caught dead in a white coat.



CM told me at CES that they decided to call the glossy white version the Storm Stryker as a preventative measure against LucasFilm lawyer droids potentially objecting to a glossy white and black case called "Storm Trooper."



Gawd - you know that thing was designed by an Empire Strikes Back Fanboy... maybe it includes a drawer for my blaster rifle...

Of course the white paint (and inards) will require absurd amounts of cleaning to keep every spec of dust lint and hair from showing... which it will, on the white frame, and the white fans, and the white struts, and the whi... well you get the idea...



I'm still using my HAF932 Advanced and am fairly pleased. I do wish it would have come with air filters.. I need to open and clean it bi-weekly since I have 6 pets and the bottom has an intake area for a bottom fan, but no filter or dust cover. I know I could make one, but for some reason, I just haven't gotten around to it. Weekend project maybe?
This looks ok from the one partial top pic they posted, but I tend more towards the minimalist approach for case aesthetics, unless it's an over the top or cool mod, those are exceptions since they're unique. I'm sure it's fine though, and they've made improvements since the 1st run HAF 932 I'm rocking.

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