Cooler Master Celebrates 20th Anniversary By Slashing Price of CM Storm Trooper Case



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slash any of the HAF series or HAF X and I would be happy



Why do all these new cases still include USB 2 ports? USB3 is backwards compatible, so why not put only USB 3?
Case by itself is nothing revolutionary, Since about CM Stacker, all their cases are basically the same with a bit different shape and different size fans, but not enough to justify an upgrade. Most fo them can't even fit a high aftermarket heatsink when you use the side panel's fan without touching it.

The only company that thinks outside the box so far has been Mountain Mods, but their boxes cost an arm and a leg.


Insula Gilliganis

Misleading title.. "slashing" when used in the context of prices means "to reduce or curtail drastically". "Shaving nearly a quarter off" doesn't come close to the definition of "slashing"!! But using the word did accomplish what you were hoping for.. me viewing the page.. so touché to you Sir.

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