Cooler Master Announces QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



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woooooow... like two days after I order a steelseries this baby comes out at almost the same price point. I would have loved to pick this up with some black switches.


Philippe Lemay

Ah damn... Not showing us any cable made me think this thing was wireless. Now THAT would have been something to get excited about. Such a tease...

Still, I'm glad I waited, I almost got myself the K90. Now I'm not so sure anymore...



I'd like to try these two mechanical ergos out someday:



Red for games, black for typing? Is that right? I wish someone would release a cherry keyboard in a split position ergo dynamic split position..
I had the dubious honor of trying to fix my son's computer using his "DAS Keyboard" with all black keycaps. What a pain!



Red and Black are the same type of switch but with different spring weights. The Reds use light weight springs whereas, thus making the switch incredibly easy to press. The Blacks use stiffer than normal springs thus alleviating the chance of stray presses. Both have absolutely no tactile feedback, are very sensitive, and are primarily for gaming. The Blue and Brown are similar in that they have the same spring weights but have different clicking/reset points and feedback. The Browns break over/reset points are very close together so that the key can be double tapped with ease. Think of the Browns as a compromise between typing and gaming. The Blues are both loud and have the most tactile feedback. This makes them the best for frequent/heavy typers/professionals. Hope that helps....

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