Cooler Master Announces HAF 922 Mid Tower



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they should've changed the interior & backpanel and colored it to match the outside.

i think their website needs some work, 'cause i could not brush all of the dirt away.




Could this case be possibly any uglier? I submit to you it cannot!!






Do you really look at this as the little brother?  Man, this looks like a great deal.  The only size difference between this mid-tower HAF and the full-tower HAF is that the "mid-tower" is WIDER.  It is shorter by 2.3, but I don't see that really being much of a problem.  They have the same depth as well.  I just can't see why someone would get the full-tower over this mid-tower.  I mean, if it's wider you probably have more room to put a larger CPU heatsink/fan in there.  I guess the difference in height might make it a little tougher to store a reservoir in there, but I can't think of anything else.  Can anyone give me another reason why one would go with the full HAF instead of the mid HAF?  I would appreciate your input.



I'm using the HAF 932 for my main build, and while big, it's not ginormous. It's tough to say what a few less inches would translate to in terms of elbow room without having one in hand to compare it with.

I can, however, think a few good reasons why an HAF 932 would be desireable:

  • It's a kick ass case 
  • It's available now
  • It's a steal at $125 shipped through Newegg with promo code EMCLRPL24 ($15 off)

-Paul Lilly

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