Contract Prices for Desktop DRAM Spiking Sharply in 2013



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This almost makes me want to hoard RAM even though I have no builds planned until Haswell/Steamroller debut and are reviewed.



Meh, I'll just re-use my ram in newer builds
Was gonna build a couple rigs but by the time I get around to the 2nd 8gb ram is gonna cost as much as a low-mid GPU.

it's weird cuz just a couple months ago i grabbed 8gb mushkin silverline RAM for like $35 at a local store and now it's almost that price for 4gb. Canadian prices suck worse?



Well that sucks.

This reminds me of the age-old justification (cough) for gas price increases for the winter as the refiners switch to heating oil.

I wonder what effect this will have on the development of RAM as if the producers are focusing on mobile RAM which is all about low power consumption, and little about performance, will they be even less pursuant of performance for the desktop than they are now?

BTW, whaddya mean these price spikes get passed onto the consumer?! Everyone knows that companies just take the increased "cost of doing business" out of their evil profit. ;)

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