Consumers, Enterprises Turn to Used PCs in Quest for Cheap Windows XP Licenses



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"The talk of Vista and XP is known to have elicited some passionate responses from Maximum PC readers in the comments section before and so you are expected to be ready with your astute views on this occasion as well."

I was going to say something, but then I decided that this was rife with snarkiness.  **shifty** 



Vista is just XP with a pile of crap on top.  Windows 7 is gonna have the same problem.

If you don't have a new idea Microsoft....all the hype in the world wont help.  You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.  So simple, yet so true.

How users are trying to stick with XP is not the issue......WHY they are trying to ....IS!



This is actually pretty funny, because about 4 years back, there are "certain people" that found out that the licenses on the back of the public computers  at colleges were not registared through windows, because they used a bulk license.  Some people call them thieves, I call them opportunists.  LOL!!



I can understand to a point where people do not like vista. My thoughts are that we should be able to adapt. XP was nice, but vista does some things better. It may not have lived up to expectations, but I don't think it should be put in the same catagory as Milenium edition. People are resisting change because XP was in good working order and people didn't have any gripes about it.

Now consider, If we just continue using the same stuff, then eventually it will just be stagnent. We need inovation and new ideas to keep happening and that means raising the standard. Vista upt the anti with security.

One new thing to look forward to (for example) with windows 7 is multitouch support (supposedly) and I believe that would be a really new, useful feature that tablet pc's really need.

I think it should only be right to bash vista only if vista made NO improvements and hindered with useability. Folks that call foul with usability  need to consider that providing support for programs made for DOS  will create problems and get in the way of new software. for software thats current, software developers just need to keep on task with keeping their product compatible.

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