Consumer Watchdog Urges European Union to Block Google, Motorola Merger



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This watchdog leader sounds like the ramblings of an Apple koolaid addict to me.



Or Apple investor...



Mortorola Mobility has been a premier vendor of Broadband modems and Set top boxes for decades. Gaining an instant step into the hardware ring leaves the brand poised to truly deliver an interactive and user customizable experience never before imaginable. We have really only scratched the surface of user interfaces and feedback but do bet big "g"'s headlights will be the first illuminating that bend in the road ahead. It's not so much a matter of competition as collaboration that genuinely provides users value => than shareholders.



Not to mention the innovation and actually providing services people want.

So they are trying to say you can't integrate your social media with your search? Why? Because it's to close to what people want and no one else can provide it?

You want to build a phone which capitalises on the OS you created to provide the services people want? Sorry can't do that either.

That's hardly a fair reason to go all conspiracy theory and try to block every move they make! I may be wrong but doesn't RIM develope it's own OS and hardware, doesn't Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson (at one point)? Even to the point of providing their own market places, navigation, cloud service etc.

There is always a danger of giving any company 'too much' power over a market, but I seriously doubt that is the case here when they are clearly providing what people want.

If you want to look into anti-competitive practices, check out Apple.



This is so dumb... Google does not and cannot produce their own mobile... Without Samsung's help? They don't even have the Nexus...
Buying motorola which is a brand with rep of insanely crap battery life and easy to break? Why not?
It's not like they are buying Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Apply anytime soon...



Really? How is Google forcing the hands of other manufacturers with the acquisition of Motorola? Everyone knows that the acquisition was more about the patents than anything else, which allows Google to protect its Android partners. How is it that Google is one that should get a slap to the wrist for trying to protect itself but a company like Apple can patent a rectangle with rounded corners and then sue just about anyone they don't like?

I mean, Google's integration of its services is nothing new and it isn't like they're blocking their competitors. People use Google because the name is easy to remember and their search results are actually relevant.



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This group clearly has no idea what they are talking about.

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