Consumer Reports: 3D Looks Better on Plasma than LCD



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3D isn't.





If the device is LCD or Plasma it does not matter to a large amount of the world populous with severe eye dominance as no matter what you do the 3D "effect" does not work on us.

It's just that simple. TV technologies should work for everyone, not just the people whom have balanced eyesight.



you are crazy..... should we not make music because some people are deaf???... maybe we should not even have tvs because some people are blind and cannot enjoy them.

i am so sick of "haters" going on forums and bashing 3d or anything else that is cool.  the fact of the matter is 3d is awesome but if you dont like it you sure dont have to use it.... yes it is expensive now but after awhile the price will drop and it will become more common... im sorry if it doesnt work for you , but dont stand in the way of progress




It's basically a way for them to try to pump some more profit into the sets.

I know I certainly don't need this crap.  Put the R&D money somewhere useful.  Add more HDMI ports.  Create a remote control that's worth a shart.  Please.



Peanut Fox

Or maybe drop HDMI and switch to Display Port which is royalty free.  HDMI has to be licensed and consumers are made to pay an extra amount for the luxury of each port.  It likely doesn't come out to much, but no one ever complains about savings.


3d not withstanding, plasma often performs better than LCD in a lot of cases.  However,  power consumption isn't one of them.



I'll one up you. Move everything to ethernet.



[quote]However,  power consumption isn't one of them.[/quote]

It is now...well, almost. The G20 and G25 are 40% more power-efficient than their 2009 ancestors. In fact, my P54G25 doesn't even have a fan. The power consumption is still slightly more than LCD, but the majority of the gap was eliminated. In a hydro state, the monthly difference is about a dollar.

I think the reason that LCD suffers in 3D is due to clouding, which is a defective feature added by panel makers in 2009 to compete with the vastly superior black level capabilities of plasma. I can understand how clouding could be misinterpreted as ghosting effects.



Check cnet they have a nice power comparison chart. Most LED backlit LCDs use around 160 watts while plasma uses twice that on average. A couple of the plasmas use over 500 watts, but it varies wildly between brand/model/size, in fact some of the plasmas are on par with LCDs.

I recently bought a LED LCD and love it. I found from my research that LEDs are on par with plasma in terms of pic quality and that the only up side to plasma was better 3D. I don't care about 3D so the decision was easy.

Anyone looking for a new TV do your homework. Go to different stores and compare the tvs, look online and compare reviews (both pro and user), look at the specs, read forms, take your time and you will find the right tv.

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