From Consoles with Love: Red Faction and Resident Evil 5 PC-Bound in September



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I would like Demos. I absolutely love resident evil, but 4 sucked on PC, looked bad and no mouse and keyboard was stupid....i just bought it on the wii instead...

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



I played the original Red Faction on PC, and really enjoyed it. I might have to give this one a shot too. As for RE5, I wouldn't be surprise to see it had one of those half-assed control schemes that some console ports do. Seems like one of those type of games.



  Honestly, it's nice how japanese game-makers have been
treating PC as of late. I'm happy that capcom and Square Enix are both
planning to port future games. Now we just need to get Namco-Bandai with the Tales series of games, and maybe atlus and I'll be able to sell my ps3...




Seeing as how the last game capcom ported to the PC (Lost Planet?) before SFIV, was mouse capable, I'm assuming that the new Resident Evil is going to be, too.

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