Considerate Laptop Thief Returns Victim's Data on USB Key



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Is it just me or am I the only person concerned that those responsible for bringing the rest of the ranks into the realm of higher education have yet to figure out the importance or security and redundancy? Who in their right mind would entrust the combined knowledge and wealth of multiple years into such a platform as a laptop? I bet he wears socks with his Birks as well. LOL!



There's no way the USB Key has a virus is there?



While the professor might feel relieved and have hope for humanity because a thief returned his data, I am not because a Professor decided it was a good idea to leave the last 10+ years of his life and career on a protable, stealable, breakable, corruptable device with no backup anywhere.

We need a 'technology license' just like we need a 'drivers licence'.



For as intelligent as he is, a professor, you'd think he'd be wise enough to not put everything he's accumulated in the last 10 years in one single USB flash drive....and left attached to his laptop. I keep all of my electronic documents/info on my USB flash drive, but it's always left plugged discretely into my Mac keyboard of my desktop. It's one of those nano flash drive so it's really hard to notice it's plugged in. So even if someone breaks into my house and steals my computer, I'd still have the flash drive - provided that the thief doesn't steal the keyboard - which I doubt they would. I also have a laptop, but there's NOT A SINGLE PERSONAL DOCUMENT saved on it because of fear that if someone steals it, there'd be no personal information on it.



call my cynical, but I think there is another possibility as to the motives: he could be sending a message: I know everything about you, and heres the proof.  Could be the theif could exploit this information later, or at least as a deterant to the owner filing charges



Why didn't he backup his data if it was so important to him?



But it would be a little creepy knowing that the thief knows where you live and everything there is to know about you.  But it is nice, replacing the computer isn't hard, it is collecting all the data, programs and everything else that is what you dread. 

One of my friends had her purse stolen and the thief dropped off her drivers license and student ID.  Didn't just mail it, dropped them in the mailbox that is on her porch. 



I don't know, I think I would've liked the laptop back.



If I ever had to have something of mine stolen... I'd sleep a little better knowing this guy was the thief.

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