Congressman Wants Web Tracking to be Opt-In Only



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wow spies, this sounded like ADS(ads) is going to be the new agency like CIA and FBI or maybe KGB...


Please Markey, protect our rights and privacy.



We the users should have to give Them (the advertisers) a cookie to allow them to post an ad to our computers. No cookie no ad, is what I say. ( Now don't you wish I were in charge )


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Wait, this is a Congressman standing up for the citizens' rights?  I must be hallucinating...

Anyone who thinks he should be stopped will confirm that I am wildly delusional.


Seriously...  Markey is spot-on.  Dykes is just pissed 'cause he might not make umpty-bajillion.  It's not like this privacy would totally undermine advertising.  It would just make it a little less freaking intrusive.


[begin joke]So when should I move to Massachusetts to vote for this guy to get his seat back?[end joke]

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