Congress Says P2P is Dangerous to National Security, Singles Out LimeWire



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This reminds me of the stapler I saw at Office Depot, just your average swingline, yet on the back it said "It is recommended that safety googles are used while operating this product".  Seems like common sense as well, no?



Almost as good as the snow blower I saw at lowes a few years back. One of the warnings on it said "Do not use on roof."



The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is taking a hard stance against Both front and rear residential home doors. Further studies show that side doors and windows may also pose a security risk. They plan to vote early next week on legislation to ban the use of doors or windows in US homes, citing several examples from their study showing an extreme security risk. Using both unlocked doors and or windows they were able to find numerous tax documents and medical bills. In some cases even cash and other valuebles.

"At any time your house has doors or windows, other people with similar ability to turn knobs or lift sliding objects could simply search your house and steal unprotected files. Unfortunately, that is the sad reality for many
unsuspecting home owners," said chairman Oedipus Rex.

Luckily Chairman Oedipus has forseen this deadly pest... er security risk and is ready to kill any freedoms we have in order to deliver us to salvation. We can only hope that the government will take swift action in preventing anyone from ever entering or leaving our homes again. Only then will we be truely safe.... until we die of starvation.



Come on. Why in the world is a computer with sensitive information harboring
a mainstream P2P client? I would expect these institutions to lock down their
computers. Heck, when I was in school all of the computers could be accessed
with limited privileges. It also had Deep Freeze installed to wipe changes upon
reboot. The incompetence is astonishing.

As for the matter of LimeWire; it has always been prior to v5 an
nefarious setup routine. It's a good thing that they've changed their ways.



I agree with what you are saying. The people that store these files on a computer are thought to be trusted with the information that they are givin if they have a P2P program installed then most likly they would be doing something illegal. Still what I find funny about this is how amazingly stupid you have to be to allow a program like lime wire on a computer with senseable information.



limewire and other p2p's aren't dangerous and don't put people at risk unless they're used by people who don't know wtf they're doing.


it's too bad government can't regulat stupidity (they'd have to start with themselves)



fyi you dont know need a p2p client to have your computer open to the just makes it eaiser. another fyi since atleast limewire 3 therse been the capibility to pick what you want shared down to the folder...i say if your dumb enough to say 'oh lets throw the C: on there" you deserve to have w/e happens happens...its like driving 230mph and wondering why you crashed



 *sure i'll shared c: their nothing sensative on my entire hard drive"



Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



Great post, I cannot agree more.



And these supposed "representatives" of the people are able to leave their homes under their own power without wearing a football helmet?


The following is NOT in any way exaggeration, hyperbole, or said in jest...


There are quite literally people who are incapable of mustering the ability to clothe and feed themselves who would not say nor contemplate saying something so profoundly idiotic as what Chairman Edophus Towns has vomited. These imbeciles of the highest (perhaps lowest?) order are actually intent upon ceasing the entire healthcare system for their designs when not one, I repeat, NOT ONE SINGLE GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION anywhere, by any nation, at any time in history has been as efficient nor effective as a free-market alternative.


The real threat to national security here is the slow and systematic supplanting of individual freedoms under the assertion that something -could- be used to do something bad with, therefore YOU are too incompetent and irresponsible to be trusted with such a thing, and should not be able to have it. With some things it is obviously a reasonable precaution such as radioactive or highly explosive materials, but at some point it is rediculous to the level of preposterous and even tyrannical.


If the reasoning is that something -could- be the potential implement of danger to national security, then DARPA is in hot water, because they started up this whole interwebs mess which is the super-highway upon which ALL cyber crime, attacks, and possible terrorism can and will travel. But I'm sure some jackass in Congress has the brilliant idea to shut down the internet because it will save us from ourselves, because it is ourselves that are clearly the problem... at least with congress seeding more power to itself while reaping it from the people.



Wall of text crits Digital-Storm for 9001 damage.

Digital-Storm dies.




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