Confirmed: Jolicloud-based Netbook Coming this Month



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all hype and no show for the jolibook. been to the site and they're holding off like wusses it seems.  Also where are all the Linux updates on this portion of the site?  Not every PC runs windows you know. some people dual boot or use straight up linux as their OS.  I like maximum pc but would like to see more updates on linux so that it's not a biased website.  there are tons of windows only, mac only, and linux only websites, very few give unbiased news on all of them together like I hoped this place would. as lame and biased as pc world is with their writers atleast they post linux articles more often.



since the Jolibook is out before the chrome os netbook,not to mention the jolicloud os has been out longer, I think it's the better of the two, especially after trying both out. joli is more or less the same as chrome os but without as much google spying on you and with a cleaner interface. jolicloud version 1.1 is a huge improvement over 1.0 and will make netbook users much happier with it's updates

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