Confidential Memo Outlines Significant Changes Headed to Hulu



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If they increase ads (which are already too often) I'll cancel my subscription, and it sounds like I'm not the only one. I also find it annoying that they'll cut content again. It's bad enough that a lot of shows only have a few episodes available, or previous seasons are missing. I've become increasingly impressed with Netflix and quite the opposite with Hulu.



Dumped Hulu+ after two months of it. Non-stop political ads, and it seemed like as much or more than the free service. At least with the free service my ad-block can give me a blank screen for a minute or two.

So for a dollar less per month I went back to Netflix streaming service, and anything else I watch (very very little) I can catch on the network website itself. For free.

I dumped cable/satelite TV early this year, but when Google Fiber is up in my neighborhood this may all be moot.



I'm almost on the verge of cancelling Hulu+ so I read this article hoping for good news, and instead, it seems they'll restrict content even more and add more commercials... Yikes.

One thing they *must* do is remove the commercial break before the video starts. It makes browsing for series to watch really painful. Having to wait 30+ seconds just to check something is stupid in this day and age. Every time I decide to see if Hulu+ has some cool new series, when I see that 'your content will start in 32 seconds' I quit the app and load Netflix instead.


Brad Chacos

If they go up to four commercials per break I'm probably going to say sayonara to Hulu. And I agree re: pre-vid commercials.



I'm with you on the pre-video commercials -- it sucks for bouncing around episodes.



" and will be able to hold back certain content to differentiate their own sites from Hulu, which was once entitled to everything on the networks' sites," the memo states.

I honestly don't see the reason for this. You can watch both of those channels' shows for free on their respective websites, while they are also getting paid by Hulu to air the same shows. Isn't that the best of both worlds for them?

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