Conficker Still Confounding Security Experts



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Whoever wrote that is pretty damn clever. Thtat surprises me that it's still going unpunished and nobody even has an idea howto regain control yet.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



The reason is that you can take any code and reverse engineer it from machine code, to a hex editor, toss it around to recomplile it into a language like C and look it over... and thats assumign your can't read machine coding.

 So given that the tools are even available 'in the wild' (granted the better ones are for 'nix OS's) what is the real issue, here? My thoughts are that the code is NOT the issue but more over how to trake whats there and track it back. If I remember correctly It's supposed to take it's commands through IRC... at some point it should unravel if the commanding machine/bot/IRC speaks to it... so at worst the IRC is being run through a darknet, but really, from my readings that isn't all totally secure either. the only thing that would keep them off the trail is from the commander machine to speak over dynamically changing identities to confusse them... but again, I don't think the code is the over all problem... they MUST have that sucker cracked six ways from sunday by now. 

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