Condé Nast Prepping iPad Versions of Top-Tier Magazines



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I'll tell you, it has been a LONG time since I've seen the phrase, "You either love it or hate it" defined so thoroughly by an entity/company. Apple is that company and I hate them. Don't like their business practices one bit. For a company who has built themselves up on thinking outside the box and being better for being different, as well as convinced their customers that they are the same, they've sure as hell made their sheep some loyal people. 

So much so that even dedicated e-book readers are being compared to them in some fashion. 

I'm literally going to smash my iPod Nano in protest. I'll be moving on to the much more enjoyable Sansa. Why them? Cause I'm also getting to the point of not being able to stand MS. 

I simply cannot stand people who are so shallow as to think they are better than others or that their shit doesn't stink. Apple was created and is run by people just like that IMNSHO.  

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 I'm currently happy that good ol' Future US isn't jumping ship to float on any iPad anytime soon.




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