comScore: Android, iOS Increase Mobile Market Share



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I had a chance to play with the new Win Phone 7.5 (Win 8??)from Nokia at CES and I was very pleasantly suprised. In fact I already had plans to go away from Blackberry (plans that were reinforced by the crappy desktop software update they released two weeks ago)and I had decided on my company going to Razor Droid phones. I was so pleased with the new Windows phone that I put those plans on hold. My problem is that I am not going back to AT&T and Verizon does not offer the Win phone yet.
VERIZON...I AM WAITING but not forever.



I'm not so sure about WinMoPho7...I like it, but it may go either way as far as commercial success. Microsoft may have the last laugh with Windows 8 on tablets though. I like iOS but I believe Win8 may address a real need on a tablet: one that behaves more like a true PC.

I think if they do it right MS will be real leaders and innovators in an area that is becoming increasingly "important" to most consumers. We'll see...

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