Computer Sales Continue to Defy Post PC Era



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a Tablet is good and all, but unfortunately, without a PC, a tablet is virtually USELESS.
The new PC purchases will come as a result of Ivy Bridge, not Windows 8. Windows 8 will likely result in people downgrading to Windows 7 more than anything else. Unfortunately, it seems they nerfed SLIC activiation in Windows 8, so OEMs can't even install pre-activated windows anymore, which likely means windows 7 downgrades won't be included with new PCs...



There's no such thing as a Post-PC Era.
A p.o.s. tablet or cellphone will never compete with a PC in the next 10 years. When I can type the same 80 w.p.m. on a garbage tablet that I can on a PC, only then will it even begin to have the smallest chance to compete against a PC. How the hell am I supposed to play a sophisticated multiplayer strategy or first person shooter game on a g.d. tablet or smartphone. What a joke. Post-PC Era my ash.



I'd say we are now in the "Post Tablet Era". The new netbook!

Coming soon is the biggest Microsoft failure ever. Windows 8!



No way in hell tablets and smartphones (as good as they are on the go) just simply can't replicate the freedom of PC's and Macs (although Macs is subject to change without any notice lol) The problem with these so called "mobile devices" is the freaking carriers and vendors you are tied with.

Let me repeat. A tablet is not a PC, it is a mobile computer not a Personal computer. Unlike tablets, and especially smartphones. PC's offers true internet browsing WITHOUT WALLS. Just learned the hard way that, without a data plan package on your smartphone. You really can't do much over wifi with few apps in between here and there. As for tablets, it is a "passive device" for simple browsing and "Apps" lol.

We might have super urban fast PC's these days, but people's brains (masses) runs like a 386 computer. No wonder mobile devices are trendy for the "masses" lol.



Boy, am I going to defy expectations. I am in the process of building 3 new PCs from scratch for my and my sons. So once Ivy Bridge comes out, I would expect these numbers to jump.
I own a tablet but writing this post on it? Not worth the bother...



I don't get why this keeps coming up. Tablets and mobile devices consume content. You can watch videos, listen to music, play a slideshow of pictures, surf the web, etc. They are piss-poor at creating content. You can't consume content without creating content.

The traditional PC is the workhorse that creates the content people are consuming with their "post-PC" devices. There will always be a need to create if one is to consume. Period.



And this surprises you guys WHY?

I'll note that you guys have posted gross numbers of articles saying that the sky is falling down on top of the PC market in the past--many repeats too, by the way--and not once has the "post-PC era" ever come into being.

Stop it ... just stop it with the whole "post-PC" crap. There IS no "post-PC". That was a stupid gimmick made up by Steve Jobs to put his iPad into a positive light, and you guys fell for it just like everybody else.

Well, guess what? The "Ooooh, shiny new toy" effect has worn off on tablets, and now they're just another alternative product on the market, and that's all they ever were to begin with. They were a way to access the Internet, and little else. They've managed to evolve ways to act like laptops or desktops in some aspects, but if you want portable computer functionality without sacrificing anything, get some kind of laptop.

And you guys are SHOCKED that the PC market is staying strong? Let's analyze that, shall we? It's STAYED strong because there are things that PC's do that no tablet will ever be able to on a conventional, functional level. You guys just drank the Kool-Aid, too and bought into Steve's speculation that the PC was dead and the tablet would replace it.

Does this mean we can finally stop seeing crap about the "post-PC world" on this site? 'Cause I gotta tell ya--it's getting on my nerves. It's not interesting, it's not informative--it's just a bunch of hype for an overrated device architecture. For the people who make the tablet work for them? That's great, good for them.

Others of us prefer typing on actual keyboards....

So seriously, MaxPC, KNOCK IT OFF with this garbage.



It's almost as if you didn't actually read the article. I think we made it very clear how feel about the so-called post PC era in the very first sentence.



Paul, you missed my point entirely--I'm referring to earlier articles here--many of them yours--that just rejuvenated and enlivened the hype. I couldn't begin to count how many times you guys basically recycled the same article, "Oooh, scary tablets taking over the PC world", over and over and over again. Over the past year, there had to have been at LEAST an article a month spouting basically the exact same FUD.

My point is: Don't address this speculation, period. They make for bad articles, overall. Seeing as from month to month there is no real predictable consistency in any kinds of sales market, the only real way to make this "post-PC" talk go away is to just not mention it. Otherwise, if you want to point to sales for a product one month, the yea-sayers will point to the next month how THEIR sales improved, and the other's dropped. Bringing it up is only contributing to the doom-'n-gloom and keeping it alive, whether or not you're on board with it.

My POINT was to just stop mentioning it, period. I'm TIRED of hearing about Steve's psychotic delusions, especially when there was never any basis for it to begin with. Mentioning it at all is only going to be putting it on life support (no pun intended).

It's like that annoying politician that no one likes but refuses to go away--eventually (s)he's going to attract such a following that you won't STOP hearing about them, even though they're irrelevant.



I think (know) you'd be hard pressed to find an article of mine where I claim PCs are dead. I do, however, post relevant news on the state of PCs and technology in general, and from time to time, market research firms release updated data on PC shipments, tablet sales, etc. To ignore these articles or "not mention" them in hopes that the post PC era talk will "go away" is not going to happen. The figures are interesting, regardless of whether we agree with the source's analysis (which we clearly and repeatedly don't when they talk about the death of PCs). I don't agree that we're perpetuating the post PC hype; if anything, I think our accompanying commentary and/or ensuing discussions in the comments section helps to dispel the myth.



My personal wish is that they bring Latin back into the schools. Maybe then people would actually understand what the "post" in post PC really means and not apply some "computers are dead" definition to it.

Seriously: there's a real language/comprehension problem going on in nearly every English-speaking country.



Do these bean counters always referred to in such articles ever even consider how many enthusiasts build their own PCs from component parts? Ask companies like New Egg if they think the PC is dead.

Insert picture of dead horse being beaten.



A good point, but I'd like to see the figures (if they exist) on the percentage of people that build their own PC's. I'm guessing we're the minority compared to the masses that buy one from a store. I'm also wondering if they counted boutique builders in their figures.



By the "next hot item that's going to grow", sure. PCs have saturated the market. It's like being amazed why the Wii isn't selling so much anymore.

I honestly hate the term "Post-PC Era". It's just some term Jobs made so he could feel good about his iProducts being hot commodities.



Traditional PCs are practical. They're cheaper to upgrade and maintain than all-in-ones, and they offer a level of performance and productivity that simply cannot be matched by tablets or ultrabook-type laptops.

I'm a guy that appreciates modularity. With my big mid-tower PC, I can upgrade it every 2 years for around $300 or $500 if including a new video card. I get to keep the monitor, the power supply, the SSDs, the case and all the peripherals. You can'd do that with an all-in-one. To upgrade those, you have to buy a completely new one for $1200 or more. And for what? Aesthetics? That's fine if you've got deep pockets, but practical people know where it's at.

Economically, the traditional modular PC is great. You end up purchasing parts from various different vendors and manufacturers instead of one mega-corporation like Apple or Dell. Long live the PC.



Don't forget the new iToy is on a 18 month life cycle, we already have ipad 3(i know hd, but thats really what it is)I agree with above poster, i can upgrade relatively cheaper, and stretch my hardware out longer, far far far better performance, than any crap tablet ever thought to be.



I love it, this was on Varney and Company this morning. Yup the PC is still alive and doing well, put that in your pipe and smoke it apple as soon as you get that latte swilling jock out your mouth.



"If Windows 8 is received well"

nice statement- however unless MS changes tactics WIN7 will not have shelf life once WIN8 is out.

Now if WIN8 is not recieved well in the PC arena -what next for MS? return to Win7? (doubtful) another set of rollback options being sold by vendors to rollbace to Win7 (probable) and wait until win9



I really don't understand the reasoning behind the "PC's are dead" argument. You can't really work on a tablet and most of the time it's cumbersome on a laptop. I mean how many people regularly use AutoCAD on a laptop? Even just using Excel is way faster on a PC. Yeah our mobile technology is awesome but when it comes to really getting work done the PC is king.



Funny, everyone keeps telling me that PC's are slowly dying off and being replaced by tablets, smartphones, etc.

Why can't people understand that no tablet or smart phone will ever compare to a standard PC when it comes to raw computing power and capability?

Yea I have a tablet and smart phone and all that.... but when im at home and looking to get some serious work done, I always turn to my pc, its just better

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