Computer Programmer Faces 10 Years in Prison for Alleged Source Code Theft



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Last time I checked, nobody monitored or made public the spending habits of the federal reserve. $20 says Zhang saw some really crooked shit going on and now they're trying to turn him into a criminal.



F*ck the US sucks for cyber bullsh*it, STEALING SOURCE CODE.... REALLY???????????????????????



FBI Assistant Director in Charge Janice Fedarcyk isn't too bright. His intentions are not "immaterial". Intention is what the law is all about. It's what makes the difference between first and second degree murder. It's what makes the difference between burglary and petty theft. Saying his intentions were "immaterial" just goes to show how either corrupt or foolish this woman is, and either way, goes to show how in trouble we are as a country when people like this are able to rise to high positions in powerful governmental organizations like the FBI and spout nonsense like this to the public.



No, I think shes covering up for something much bigger here that there not telling us. Im supposed to believe that this guy infiltrated the Fed and stole critical source code so that he could further his in home programming class?

"He used the code in connection with a private business he ran training individuals in computer programming."

If you believe that statement then I've got some real estate you might be interested in. Ocean front property right here in Colorado. Comes with the Hover Dam and a miniature likeness of the Great Wall of China. Speaking of China, Im absolutely sure that they nor any other foreign group had anything to do with this what so ever.



Okay, maybe you have a point but in dealing with the law and a legal prosecution of an individual then you better not play that innuendo crap in a courtroom because that just won't cut it. If you have proof to prove your allegations then pony them up otherwise let the guy go. That is the way you're civil rights work for you also by the way...



Call it a hunch but I'm guessing "Zhang" isn't american.



"Zhang" sounds chinese but he could be an American. "Mckenzie" , "Bush", "McGuire" sounds european but they too could be Americans. "Hernandez" etc sounds hispanice but they too could be Americans.

in short.. don't judge the facial feature or last name as foreigners... its just gonna make u look like an idi()t


std error

So what? Should the Feds only hire people with English last names? Racial profiling isn't effective and is actually counter-productive.



his post didnt have anything to do with profiling and please shuv your political correctness up your own ass. Reminds me of what Paul said to Santorum last night, your overly sensitive.



@std error: ABSOLUTELY AGREED! That said, this zhang character, regardless of where he is from, obviously has an issue with his basic reasoning skills and his risk/benefit analysis attributes. Luck -5.

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