Computer Crash? Google Says Blame the Memory



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The quote from that Peter guy is bad.  ECC is not the only way memory errors are corrected.  Desktop RAM will use parity to *detect* (not correct) errors in memory.  This raises an exception, and (in a very general sense) the operation just gets repeated until the memory gets it right.  The fact that desktop RAM does not come with built-in error-correction doesn't mean that it doesn't detect errors, nor does it mean there's no way to correct them.  It just means that they have to be taken care of by something else.



Justing changing out the OEM Ram in my laptop not only made it zippier but a lot more stable.  When it really comes down to it, all components can make your pc crash is some form or fashion.



It's "Dual Inline Memory Module" not "Dual Pin-Line Memory Module"

Windows 7 is the King of all OSes



That's what I was thinking.



 I built a new computer around the i920 chip and had nothing but troubles from day one. The Op Sys kept crashing or getting wiped out after a couple of weeks, taking the hard drive with it. Had to reformat or fix 3 different hard drives and reload the op sys 5 or 6 times. Someone told me to look at the memory. I moved the chips around and reseated them and POOF! all my woes went away. In  my case (pun), Google got it right. WAY to embarrassed to admit that I never bothered to run a memory test on the new machine.

As for broken memory chips, I have had a few and they are really tough to figure out what is wrong. Now, any time I have an unexplained crash or trouble with the Op Sys, I run a memory test and an fdisk before doing anything else.

Remember all the troubles with Vista when it first came out? 75% of the issues folks had were with video drivers causing errors in Vista. I still see them crop up occasionally after an update. Be careful out there!

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