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spiker 356

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I think it looks great, awesome job guys!!!!!!


MaxPC ftw!!!




Just have to say, I have been eagerly awaiting the new site since reading about it a couple issues back. It is fantastic. Is it just me or were you trying to show the Canonical folks a thing or two by making an orange theme rock?

I look forward to exploring it more in the future. Oh and thank you sweet Zeus for bringing back Best of Best. ***** thing rules! 

Bob Cook
Montgomery, TX



Finally! After 2 years of losing interest in Maximum PC's magazine subscription and the website, I can say I am hooked again.

You guys have done a great job on this overhaul of the previous website that was just miserable mess. Sorry being honest- I critize because I used to love your publication and what you guys had to say regarding tech. In recent times you lost my respect (perhaps many others') with the repetitive articles and news.

 I sincerely commend you on this new website, and the PDF Archive of your magazine is just an absolute icing on the cake of this overhaul. I hope other techsites (who have print publications) do this. As you know even newspapers have finally realized a paid subscription online just doesnt work. I AND MANY OTHERS WILL NOT PAY NOR WISH TO LOG IN TO GET NEWS! ITS DUMB!

Keep this website format as long as you can please. I hope no "genius" at Maximum PC decides try new things. At this point the website is near perfection!



Thanks for your kind words :)

I can't promise that we won't try new things though, if we didn't do that, we wouldn't have the PDF Archive, the Podcast, or this website for that matter.

We'll try not to mess up anything that's already good though!



That STUPID page that came up every time I clicked a link on ur site that had an ad in the middle of it and nothing else...before I got to the page I was trying to get to..I am so glad I haven't seen that so far.  There are enuff ads on the site..Otherwise so far I like what I see.



Rock on, guys — congrats on the overhaul.

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