Complete Details Released for Google Nexus One Launch, Specs



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You know, flash memory isn't THAT expensive anymore. It'd be nice to see more than 512MB in one of these handhelds. A nice round 1GB would suffice. Especially for app installs and whatnot. Sure, installing apps to the SD card is ok, but only if you are able to remove the SD Card from your phone, put it in to another (of same make and model) and reinstall your apps from the card (pending authorization of account or something for paid apps).

I may complain about the memory, but I absolutely LOVE my Dream (G1). Best mobile phone purchase ever!


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Hate to be a killjoy, but this is looking more and more like Google's just going to be selling a dev phone and the actual consumer version will be showing up on T-Mobile in the summer, just like with the Dream/G1.

Maybe that's just me, though.



I think you mean Bluetooth 2.1 (As per the Engadget article). 3.1 would be cool too, though. A phone from the future?




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