Companies Enslaved to IE6 in No Hurry to Upgrade to Windows 7



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ouragous. Any company still stuck in IE6 land aught to be shamed into silance for their own stupidity. IE6 was total shit even when it was brand fking new.



It's because Windows 7 and Vista are the same products, slightly different. Vicious circle of adding features, taking away existing ones. See and



Windows 7 is certainly not the same as Vista!

Windows 7 offers some mobility, data security, and compatibility features. With Windows 7, you can work from almost anywhere using security and productivity features that help you get more done. If you're trying to decide on an OS, you can compare Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista by feature at 

I hope this sheds some light on the differences between Vista and Windows 7 :)

Ahmad AA

Windows 7 Professional Outreach Team



I don't think Redmond is obligated to do ANYTHING. Their software, like any other, is take-it-as-it-is, with no guarantees it will always remain relevant. IE6 is obsolete, and has been for several years. Companies stuck back in the dark ages of tech should invest in upgrading or appeal to their software vendors that rely on this ancient tech to start working on newer, better versions.

But from what I can tell, it's FAR from MS' responsibility to fix a mess that isn't theirs. I work for a company that has to use IE6--but it's the software we use that relies on that browser, so the way I see it, it's the software maker that's behind the times.



Well, this article is full of inaccurate information.  First, in 2001 when IE launched there was no decided upon standard over ActiveX vs java script (and Active X is the issue).  Second, XP Mode (which is free with Windows 7) is intended specifically to address this problem.  Third, For large Enterprise organizations with Enterprise Agreements they have the option of adding MDOP.  MDOP allows a company to virtualize IE 6 and run it in Windows 7 or centrally manage XP virtual images using MED-V.

I would suggest not having someone with a basic understanding of consumer tech writing about Enterprise tech.  Mr. Lilly just embarrassed himself with his lack of knowledge.



I wouldn't say he embarassed himself, I think it shows how retarded the IT departments are in those companies.



I fail to see how Microsoft created this problem.  



They intentionally made the browser non standard so that sites and apps developed on IE6 would not work on Netscape.  That is part of what drove Netscape out of business.  Then crappy IE6 was the only browser for years b/c there was no competition until open source FF was developed.  



Yeah! Blame Microsoft for compnies hiring and direction programmers to develope non-standardized apps...  Sure IE in all forms sucks, but still: it's not like it isn't their fault for using proprietary standards instead of those still supported otherwise.



After all, isn't this the Micro$oft we have come to know and love?

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