Commodore USA to Sell Amiga All-in-One PCs, Hyperion Thinks Not



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Keith E. Whisman

OK, who actually owns the trademark? If it was purchased by Commodore USA then Commodore USA has the right to use that trademark, it doesn't matter what agreements were made about the trademark between Amiga and other companies before it was acquired by Commodore USA as long as there isn't stipulation in the purchase agreement between Amiga and Commodore. 

I would tell these other guys to take a hike, how do they own the rights to a trademark if it was just purchased from another company? If anyone gets sued of this then it shouldn't be Commodore USA, it should be the guy that decided to sell his trademark to two different competitors and tell them that they each had the sole rights to the trademark. 

And man I hope to see the C64 and Amiga get released soon and with console like ease of use on your TV as a monitor. 



Something is rotton in the state of Denmark...

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