The Commodore (Name) May Live Again



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I would consider something like this for my mom or grandma if the price was right(low enough). I think this will have a market for mostly the type of people who don't really do anything that graphics intensive or maybe as a basic workstation. My mom sees nothing particularly slow about our Pentium D, 1GB DDR, GeForce 6600LE computer from 3+ years ago, and I think this would certainly perform better in many things simply because it has a better CPU and more RAM.



 I had originally written something fun, but the site filters thought I was spamming for some reason and they haven't re-posted it. Anyway, I'll just say that if that's a pict of the real thing, I want one. Esp if you can include a dedicated gfx card.


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 Maybe a descrete mobility card. But if you think you'll be gaming on something like this, I doubt it...


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It's like having an all in one PC that you can upgrade the screen on....... I want it in biege!  I still have an old Commodore..... I played alot of joust on that thing







This po boy uses Linux. Not cus it's free, cus it is BETTER.



If only it came in beige/tan, had rounded edges, and came loaded with a C-64 emulator and the greatest game of all time, Lode Runner installed...

 For those of us who cut our geek baby teeth on a C-64 back in the day, this is totally rad. 


Keith E. Whisman

Your description sounds like they took a laptop and a nice one at that and lopped off the display half of the computer.

I don't think this is going to go very far because the battery isn't going to last very long if there is one and who wants to sit on a couch with wires all over the place.

Computers like this already exist and they are usually used in Doctors offices.. I think they should aim this product to compete in the office environment as an all in one computer. As a cheap and small work station capable of anything an office may need a computer to do.




 Where in the article does it indicate anything about a battery? And with the size of the unit, you'd find it on a desk, attached to an LCD monitor, It looks to be big, and heavy, so portability isn't really an option. And besides, it looks to be a modern take on the C64, which was a desktop PC.


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Sebie Kay

Having missed the whole Commodore era (I was to little to remember any of it), this still sounds like a neat idea!  Actually, I could see a market for this, if it was priced and played correctly.  I know I would probably buy one if I would be able to hook it into a hotel room TV during trips and such.  After all, you can only get so much screen space on a laptop to do documents, watch DVD's, etc.  Using a TV in a hotel room as your monitor... yeah, I would snatch one of these bad boys up!  Just make sure it has a DVI port also, so I can use it at home.

Perhaps an attachment for a mobile screen?  Similar to the old portable Playstation screens?

What ever the case, I could see a market for this.  Albite, a little small, but still a market.

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This would be kinda nifty if the price were right.



They should put the AmigaOS in ROM and enable the system to dual boot.


Michael Brown, Reviews Editor



Nothing wrong with using Intel Processors and mainstream technology, Apple made the move awhile ago. It was a sad day when Commodore vanished.



Or you could just get an EEE Keyboard.

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