Commodore: Don’t Call it a Comeback (Call it a Nettop)



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Images of PC64 - inside and out

I need one too




Since I first saw this posted on several sites, I've been looking for confirmation that this has an ethernet port.  Since I can't find any pictures of the back and every single article, including the press release, makes no mention of it, I'm coming to the conclusion that they actually may not have put one in this thing.  Seriously?  I realize it has wireless, but it's not like you won't have ANY wires come out of it... you do need to attach it to a display.



Will it include an emulator to play all those great games?



The Commodore 64 was my first computer.  I got it for Christmas in 1984.  I was 5 years old.  I managed to hook it up to the TV and type programs in out of the user manual, by myself.

And that is the moment I became a geek.

I want one of these.  I want it bad.



I actually own a C64, I just need to get the monitor for it, as well as a better joystick and all the games I can get my hands on, for me to do that, I'll have to contact TPUG (Toronto Pet Users Group).


Keith E. Whisman

Um.. If you have a C64 all you need is a TV and the RF connector that it came with. You would plug the cable from the Commodor 64 into a small metal box that had a sliding switch on it and a flat two wire ribbon would go out from that to the two screw in the back of old TV's. You can still purchase these things, only now you can screw it into the cable connector on the back of TV's. The slider switch was to switch for either channel 2 or 3 or something like that. Maybe it was VHF/UHF, I just can't remember and I'm too lazy to quickly open another tab in my Google Chrome browser and do a wiki look up. That's something you can do. 

The C64 was compatible with a TV or a Monitor. 


Keith E. Whisman

When this thing is actually reviewed by MaximumPC, I think the reviewer should give this a 10Verdict Kick Ass if only for sentimental value alone.

Anything less will just upset fans of the now infamous C64.



I am 50... remember all these machines... have fond memories...


But.... why?!


I have a  gaming rig I built that kicks beeeehind...

Have a laptop I can game with too...


Why embrace the past when we should look towards the future?


Keith E. Whisman

Man would you say that Star Trek was good in it's day but is unwatchable today because of the limited special effects available in the early half of the 1960's?

Sir if you said that, being a Trekkie, I would have to slap you in the face and demand satisfaction.

Why can't we embrace the past, especially if the past embraced the future and still does?

So slap, Sir I demand satisfaction.



ROFLMAO - that reply cracked me up!  I think the re-issued C64 is going to sell like hot cakes.  I too owned a C64 which is long gone.  I would not run out to purchase one of these BUT I do feel a little nostalgic about it.


Keith E. Whisman

Um, I'm not sure but I think that I just experience an orgasm. Yes, in fact, I did just have an orgasm. Excellent!


I want one. 

Heck this is too cool. My son will be able to tell his children that he remembers the Commodor 64 the same we I get to tell him that I remember the Commodor 64. This is awesome. It's not fair that my kid gets a much more powerful commodor 64 then what was available to me when I was young. 

What would really make this perfect is if Atari were to release an Atari 800 with it's original case but stuffed with current gen hardware. Instead of a cassette take recorder for playing and recording software, we can use an external DVD Burner or something like that. 

Hell I would buy both if it were to ever happen. What would make it even more cool for the Atari if it were to come with cartridges loaded with USB thumb drives or Secure Digital memory cards.



I saw a news story about this on tv.

Unfortunatly Maximum PC your article is incomplete, the immage shown is not how the new products will look.

yes they will be simular with computer built into the keyboard but the actual products are sleeker and one even has a touch sensative display built in which makes for one of the most advanced touch pads I've ever seen.




Straight from the horse's mouth:

"Featuring an exact replica of the original beige chassis Commodore C64, this new addition to our lineup will include an Intel Atom 525 CPU with NVIDIA Ion2 graphics, 4GB DDR3 memory, 1TB Hdd, HDMI, DVD/CD optical drive (Blu-ray optional), dual-link DVI, six USB ports, integrated 802.11n WiFi, bluetooth and a 6-in-1 media card reader."

-Paul Lilly



Another poster that has to go back to internet 101.

You see when words are printed in a different color in a sentence it's called a "hyperlink" and that usually takes you to another page(this one engadget)...

If you click the "hyperlink" on the next page it will take you to the actual commodore press release.\

So tell commodore they're wrong, because you think you saw the story on tv.

 Next class will involve the "forward" and "back" buttons in the browser



Don't know what TV show you saw, but engadget says different.  Here is a partial quote:

"This also paves the way for the company's newest offering, the Commodore PC64, an Intel Atom-powered PC featuring 4GB DDR3 memory, SATA 1TB HDD, HDMI output, optical drive (either DVD/CD or optional Blu-ray), and more -- all in "an exact replica" of the original beige C64 chassis."

Also, Laptop mag says (partial quote):

"the Commodore PC64, an all-in-one desktop computer that’s built into a replica of the original beige Commodore C64 case."

Google Commodore PC64.




... Ahh, memories of my VIC-20 and my neighbourhood friend's C64.  So many childhood hours lost on these beauties and got me into PC of modern days.

If the price is right, I might pick me up one!




I might get me one!  Install it for kitchen user or in my guest room.  Good for internet and e-mail. 



Wow, does that bring back my high school memories. Many hours were used playing all sorts of "educational" games.



I think I lost about 4-5 years of my teen-hood slaved over this thing LOL! I'd love to pick one up if the price is right. But I suspect, given the specs, it's gonna be very pricey. Too bad.



Zombie brands like Polaroid and Commodore that once belonged to awesome companies that went bust and then were bought (again and again and again and again in the case of Commodore) by other companies don't give me the warm and fuzzies. No thanks.



Ok I admit I am old enough to have used the VIC 20.  It would be cool to offer it in the VIC 20 White that I spent hours typing on playing text adventure games like Mission Impossible, Voodoo Castle and more.

I also had the "datasette" with a cassette of frogger.  Took like 10 minutes to load the game.

*sigh* youth is wasted on the young.



I had several co-workers and friends who did. One of them had just laid out $395 for one and of course was bitten by the "upgrade fever" bug. He spent all of his free time on it while ignoring his wife and kids.  But when his washing machine crapped out (the motor burned up) his wife calmly looked at the C64 and asked, "Hmmm, I wonder if that fancy new computer can do laundry?" He had the washing machine up and running before the end of the day.

It's all about priorities.



By the time I was done I was running GEOS, had two 1581drives, ram expander, color monitor, a 1541 and a 1571, daisy wheel printer and who knows how much software . Made the local club very happy when I donated my kit to them as I made the switch to building PC's in the 486 days.

but I really loved the C=64- got me through school and even some early work projects (graphing software!)

this is a very cool retro idea just have to see the price



The Relic

I'd love to get one of these. Brings back memories of attempting to type in programs from Commodore Gazette and the first time I got on-line (using a terminal emu program called Telix).

Don't miss going through the rigamarole of getting onto a Freenet using it though (and only being on-line for an hour at a time ^_^).



I had one of these and loved the game Wizball.



Boy, this brings back memories. My first C64 was back in the summer of '84. It was a great little rig for its day. 64K of RAM and 170K disk drive was enough to rule the world....

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