Commodore 64 Nettop Brings Back Memories



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I really hope that the keyboard feels every bit as spongey as the original's!

'Love to see an Atari 400/800 remake come back.


<edit> No Captcha?  "Mollom Privacy Policy" ??  Let's hope this works better.



Optional cassette tape drive, or GTFO.



I'd like Apple (or just some company) ressurect the Macintosh SE, just with an LCD monitor and a DVD drive instead of the little CRT and the floppy. Behind the LCD can be a RAID array. Maybe have an external video output for a bigger monitor in the back too. That would be sweet.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Macintosh SE, as it was my first very own computer (age 8), and my mom found it at a yard sale down the street for twenty dollars. I had it until 12, when my 6-year-old cousin knocked it off my desk and broke it. Then, I inadvertently switched to PCs after that. my first being the old family computer that ran Windows 95.




I keep a PC in the front room for guests (my girlfriends kids) and I would love to replace it with this.  Just the conversations that will start when I have friends over will be worth the cost (what ever that might be).

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