Command & Conquer Generals Receives “Controversial” Mission as Anniversary Gift



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Bill Andreas

Players were given command of the Toxin Tractor, a slow-going farm
vehicle modified to spray a deadly corrosive agent, and ordered to
eliminate a town that had been ‘corrupted beyond salvation’ by the USA's
propaganda. While the mission was ultimately removed from Generals, the
Toxin Tractor was available in other campaign missions, as well as in
multiplayer and skirmish modes.”<A href="">tinggi badan</A>



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cool! Sorry, EA, but we draw the line at the undiscerning
slaughter of friendlies who are actually packing heat, thank you very
much for <a href="">aion kinah</a> . We pick on those who – to the near-sighted – are more or less our
same size.



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Six years after its original release, Were you even alive when C&C Generals first came out?ed hardy From the description it looks like it's just a skirmish of that particular map, not the actual mission ed hardy clothes.



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That was like one of the first missions, whiping out the village that was housing GDI troops... you know September 11th was a horrible day, but come on people... they make games about Pearl Harbor... is it really going to take 60 years, before you're allowed to kill Civilians playing as the 'TERRORIST' faction? Kinda goes hand in hand.


Keith E. Whisman

I was 31 when I was playing C&C Generals and I didn't have any kids. God I miss those days.. Oh god I miss those days.....



I still play CCG and the expansion pack and im 13!!!!!!

i may pick up the level, im not sure

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The last played CCG was 2004 or 2005, is there really that big of a fan base still?


I Jedi

Distasteful to murder civilians, are you being serious? It may be in real life, but this is a game, and in a game the object is to give the user the best and most realistic experience as possible. Of course there are going to be civilian deaths, as always in war. To say zero casulaties on civilian side is bs. Killing a civilian population in an enemy zone helps win wars. If the people are tired of being bombed and killed, then the military will receive less funding, less help, and lower moral because they're wife and children are being killed. Distasteful… In real life, sure. In a game, its war. Do I think E.A. took it too far with this civilian killing machine? No, no, no… Difference between real life and a game. 

 Seriously, look at WW1 with the German civilian population. Those mother fuckers were starving to death and wanted the war to end. How do you think that translates into morality for soldiers in Germany on the front lines? I'd imagine not too well with their home people having given up hope for their cause. 


 And one last thing. If a game allows me to destroy a civilan population to be able to lower the moral of the enemy soldiers and slow down production of their weapons and amunition, you best know I'm going to exploit it in a game. If I can give my soldiers the advantage in war that they need to win it, then I'm going to wipe every last mother fucking town the enemy owns off of the face of the Earth. You not only win a war by destroying the enemie's armies, but by destroying its people. 



I don't actually find a mission where the primary goal is to actually eradicate defenseless civilians (Saddam Hussein style I might add) enjoyable. I'm not knocking you for enjoying it, just saying it seems unnecessary, no matter what spin they might put on it.

Using WW1 as an example probably isn't accurate. It's far away in terms of modern military practices. Hence all the research on precision weaponry. We could just wipe out a whole town to kill one bad guy... but it's become unnecessary. And as the world becomes more civilized, it's also become bad publicity, which translates to less support. So it's in our militarys best interest to avoid civilian deaths as much as possible. Both morally, and financially (funding, rebuilding costs, etc.).



I was joking.

Very nice explanation, though. (And that's not a joke.) 


I Jedi

We're talking in terms of a game, not real life, as I tried to seperate. In a game, like CCG, you would want to kill the morality and hopes of the people in order to weaken the enenmy opponet in the game... Virtual reality is not life, ethics should not apply, just game ESRB ratings. You don't buy a war-mongernig game, like CCG, and decide the be a pacifist, no. It's all out war. 



Six years after its original release, Were you even alive when C&C Generals first came out?

From the description it looks like it's just a skirmish of that particular map, not the actual mission.

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