Coming Soon: Affordable Wi-Fi Blocking Wallpaper



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Maybe the real purpose is to keep other homes' signals OUT. If you live in a neighborhood that's super crowded with access points, this could help cut down some of the noise? Just put it on exterior walls only. Makes me want to try it in my apartment, where no less than 35 wifi points show in the list.




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With much wifi being done at 2.4Ghz, would this also block other devices that use 2.4Ghz, like cordless phones, or is it "smarter" than that? The article says that cell phones will still function, but I could use some more specifics, to satisfy my curiosity. This idea of a "smart" Faraday cage which works passively is pretty nifty IMO.



The only problem with this is that you would not be able to use anything that requires a wireless connection to your router when you are outside. So no using your tablet on the porch while sitting on the swing. Also, if your paranoid about someone else using your WiFi, wouldn't the WiFi signal seep through the windows?



"Now for the bad part: if you just coat your walls in the stuff, Wi-Fi signals could leak out through non-covered surfaces. That's fixable, but the fix entails covering your roof, floor and windows with the wallpaper."

->From the article.



"but this one has a couple of key characteristics that set it apart from its competitors: price."

You mentioned that it has a couple of characteristics and then made a list containing one of them.



Covering your house in lead will have the same effect, just don't lick it.



Or aluminum foil. Hell, covering your head in it helps too...

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