Coming Soon: A 3D Printable Case for Raspberry Pi



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Does anyone have a 3D printable model for a 3D printer I can print so I can print this?



A 3d printer is in no way cost effect. I don't think it ever will be. Now if UPS added a 3d printer to the local store they would at least gain one



and so it begins...

one day 3d printers will be as common as normal printers...

even today i can think of a ton of uses for one...

phone cases
replacement keys on keyboard
custom hamster cage tubes and accessorys
custom coffee mugs
replacement pen/marker caps
printing entire model kits
making your own legos, gears, or technic parts
making cool puzzle toys
printing out high tech rubber band guns
replacement board game pieces
almost all the needed parts to a water pump for PCs (just add motor)
your own docking station for any phone
mobo spacers, or any other case piece, like 5.25 to 3.5 insert
bread boards
replacement sun glasses frames
3d colorable toys for the kids, (3d coloring books)
print cool gifts, that you dont have to buy
print out certain instruments
vacuum attachments
custom pieces like o-rings or spacers
take apart all your small switches and routers, and make one custom case for them, dip the case in a dye to color it. then all your little boxes would match.



Everytime i here about 3d printers i think about the XKCD comic about them.



I wonder how they got the design up top.



Normal 3D printing process. Good printers can give you quite fine detail.

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