Comcast Insists It's Here to Stay



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I have had Comcast where I live, and have had good luck.  Here are my results from Speed Matters.  This was tonight at 8:05 pm PST:

 My Result - 13441kbps

 My State  -  4078 kbps

 Only Japan and Korea are faster with 15787 and 20429 respectively.  Sorry I could not linclude graphic, looks like Max PC won't accept.

 I have found these numbers to be consistent over many tries.  Don't know if I have a cap, nobody told me I do, and have never exceeded anything yet.





"Continue to invest?" Invest in what? putting more Ferraris in your garage? You sure as hell aren't investing in keeping your technology up to date. You say we have the same wires and same equipment as every other country. What you meant to say is, we have the same wires and same equipment that we had 15 years ago. The rest of the modern world has moved on to bigger and better technology. Meanwhile you are milking your cow for all its worth, refusing to move forward with technology. Instead, implementing caps and metered service in an attempt to ride this pony till it gives up and dies. And as long as the rest of the ISPs in this country go along with it, there is nothing the people can do about it but sit back and take it in the rear while we watch the rest of the modern world leave us in the dust. This type of thing is why America is doomed to fail, unless we change our ways. We don't care about each other or anything else but ourselves, and lining our pockets with money. A quick look at the auto industry is all it takes to prove my point. For years America just kept pumping out the same trash, while the Japanese worked hard at new innovations, decreasing weight, lowering emissions, getting more horsepower from a smaller engine, fuel economy, you name it. Meanwhile we in America just kept pumping out the same basic car we've made for the last 30 years with minor improvements, then we wake up one day and wonder why everyone is driving a Toyota or a Honda.

Just keep beating us over the head with this crap corporate America, and all of you CEOs will be standing in the same line with the rest of us hoping the soup has meat in it today and wondering where you will sleep tonight.



I had Insight Cable and January 1 of 2008 Comcast and Insight switched states (Illinois and Indiana). With Insight my download speeds went up to 1200/kps and averaged about 850/kps. Insights service was 10mps. When January 1, 2008 and Comcast took over my top speed was 700/kps and averaged 250/kps. This was with the same routers and switches. Comcast said the service was rated at 8mps with a 12mps boost. Moved in September to another town 25 miles away and changed to Mediacom and now my speeds are back to 1000/kps and average around 750/kps. Mediacom is rated 8mps.  All of this with the same cable modem and router and PC. So you tell me how Comcast is as a provider.



i have comcast and its not that bad i have a 20meg doewnload and a 18meg upload.  The problems that comcast is having isnt limited to them, we've only heard about there problems.  Our infrasructure is terrible and old and cant support the traffic its getting just look at the peice MaxPC just did on cell service its the same with broadband, at peak times my service slows down because it cant keep up with demand.



dude, what are you smoking?



I have to agree, but than again it could just be a Comcast PR. Its Comcast, they are the devil more or less. 

No internet or Comcast, No internet it is. 



From :



Comcast has started doing something interesting. They've opened a pilot
test in Denver. And I'm of two minds about this. They call it Comcast
Constant Guard. And what they're doing is doing 24/7 traffic analysis
monitoring of their subscribers. And then doing a browser intercept, which is I think the controversial thing.




Doesn't the US trail other countries in broadband speeds? If we have the same infrastructure as those other countries then why don't we have the same speeds? 




Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
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While their service is pretty good. I hate their price scam. If they don't have competition in your area they bend you over as much as they can. We have friends a few miles down the road which have fios as an option and they pay half what we pay Comcast for the same channel package.



I have been a Comcast customer for almost 6 years, now. I think their service is pretty damn good. I used to use RoadRunner before that(they were bought out by Comcast where I live) & I find the service to be a bit better. I find their connections better than DSL which my father-in-law uses. As far as bandwidth caps...I have never come close to reaching the monthly limit & I download movies & games & such quite a bit, as well as play TF2 online on a daily basis. Hell, other countries have far more restrictive caps than Comcast. I think my cap is 250Gb per month. I honestly can't see hitting that. I also find it totally affordable. I use their "Triple Play" which includes Broadband, Cable TV, & Home Phone service for $144 usd a month. I payed almost that a month just for phone service from AT&T.

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