Comcast Hopes to Reinvent Itself by Rebranding Services as XFINITY



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A turd by any other name still smells like sh*t.



I just downloaded a crazy 400GB last month. I'm going to get a phone call here soon. Then I won't be with either Comcast or Xfinity :P



Hmm... I wonder what Ultra has to say about that:



"By popular demand, XFINITY services will immediately be branded under the Comcast name.  It's the same great television, internet, and telephone services you've always known with XFINITY, along with our world-class customer service.  You should notice no interruption in service, and service technicians will be making rounds to update the branding on your leased equipment, unless of course your equipment is already labelled Comcast.

Pay no attention to the stern-looking gentleman in the business suit writing on the clipboard in the corner.  He's just here to help us deliver this great news! ::smile:: "



Hmmmm. I guess now renaming yourself just magically makes everyone forget how horrible your service has been. Thing is, if it didn't work and people weren't so stupid they couldn't figure it out, they wouldn't be doing it.Oh, and renaming yourself also magically makes your old ass equipment perform like new? Makes your bank accounts so large all your backbone is easily replaced?

All this is is some board depending on people's short ass attention span to get them new business. That and they've probably issued an internal memo saying, "Treat all the new idiots we get signed up with respect! Yeah, our service still sucks, but it will suck with a SMILE!"

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Mighty BOB!

Seriously.. do you guys really need to cover your asses by inserting moderator disclaimers into people's posts?  It's a given that any user-generated content on the Internet is not representative of the host's opinions.  It's in all of the agreements you click through when you sign up on a forum.


Also Comcast is extremely overpriced.



He has to have that on his posts because he actually works for the mag dumbass. Hes not just some random guy from the net.

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