Comcast Freezes Accounts After Thousands of User Passwords Found Online



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Almost every company that uses password and login id, tell you that they will never email you and ask you to change your information. That means their are more than the 8k people who fell for the phisher trick. SAD!



I don't even think this is a 'pissed off hackers' issue.  I also believe the proper term is 'cracker'.  A cracker is just like any other citizen...they don't like the ISP service, buy or steal a new one.

To me, that meant 8,000 accounts that were susceptible to spam abuse. As spam is a big issue, that should've gotten nailed as soon as it was idea why they sat so long on it.

IMO, this was more than likely someone (one or several people working together) who was harvesting a huge pool of spam hosts.



comcast cant say they did not see this one comming . piss off the hackers and reap the bounty . glad im not a comcast subscriber . hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!

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