Comcast Cracks Down on Customers with a ZERO Balance



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Mighty BOB!

Comcast royally screwed up our billing when we moved into our new apartment.  $240 for half a month of internet/cable and no setup charges.  Most of it was a "previous balance" attributed to a time period before we even had service.. and then they cut our service about 2 weeks later because they hadn't sent us a revised bill with the correct amount (after we called them) so we couldn't pay, not knowing the amount.  The service also likes to cut out in the middle of the night, which wouldn't be bad for most people but we usually don't go to sleep until the sun comes up.


Nyarlathotep and DSL. Verizon Online threatened to cut off my service if I did not allow them to bill my credit card at their discretion because when I paid my bill, including my phone and DSL charges, to Verizon phone they were delinquent in paying Verizon Online for the DSL. I won't bother to explain this further. After a long conversation on the phone with them, it's as dumb as it sounds. I told them to cancel my DSL service. I still got a "courtesy call" at the end of the month warning me that my service would be cut off if I did not give them my credit card number. I switched to Comcast and other than a goofy billing notice about once a year they have provided good, if a little overpriced, actual service. 

I am unfortunately stuck with the Verizon land line. I had to haggle with a sales rep to get just a basic phone line with no frills for under $20 a month. They thought it was weird that someone didn't want caller id, call waiting, and voicemail for eighty bucks a month or whatever. Maybe it's just me...


Does anyone else look forward to the day when we either have universal wireless or at least just one data pipe coming into every home handling communications and entertainment?



This was supposed to be a reply to bjoswald.



If I remember correctly, the likes of Charter and Comcast don't actually issue the bills. They outsource it to a 3rd party company that specializes in "billing". So I'm ascertain that Charter and Comcast are both utilizing the same 3rd party. Just like your Target or BestBuy credit-card - it's actually issued and run by HSBC Bank.



If you have a current account they MUST send you a billing notice every month even if you owe nothing. The problem is if they are threatening to turn off your service because you haven't paid the balance of $0. That's obviously not supposed to happen.



Doesn't surprise me at all. Seems like they'll hire just about anyone. 

For example, when I had a "tech" come to my place to set up service (after two weeks of phone tag with them), he didn't know what he was doing. It took him two hours to set up two PCs, a modem and a router. Not the software, just the hardware. On top of that, he couldn't remember the default password for the router. HE BROUGHT THE DAMN THING WITH HIM. 

Also, when our cable TV was supposed to be hooked up, the guy looked like he just got out of bed, didn't shower or shave, and smelled like pig sweat. He had to call "home base" at least six times just to set up the coax cable. When he finally got everything right, he told us we'd have service in both rooms we asked for. Surprise! Only one TV worked. The second room wasn't even wired.

Verizon is another evil but stupid company. During the last week of service, they told me when I would be disconnected so I could move to a new place. I asked the person what our final bill was, and she said the balance was zero and we'd receive a credit for overpaid service on the previous month. When we got our new place, we received a bill and letter in the mail from Verizon, warning us that we owed them $180 and it would be sent to collections. 

Fuck Verizon.




I remember when I was network admin for a small company I had us change service providers from Verizon because I found they ended up billing us like 40 extra bucks a month for a hidden fee to a certain company; I looked it up and it was the company they hired to process billing. It only took one mention of that to the CEO to have him give me the rights to switch to someone else. They never regreted it.




Agreed... I have switched carriers and paid my Verizon bill before doing so. I have received a bill for $0.00 for at least three months now.



My service provider sent me a bill for 0.00 last week. No service disconnect threats though...

The question is this: how much money did they spend printing that bill, placing it in an envelope and sending it to my address? Considering the outsourcing these companies have these days, the bill likely passed through several sets of hands and would have been sent to another city to be sorted first before being mailed out...



I had a similar thing happen with Windmobile (new Canadian wireless carrier.)  I canceled my account and for 2-3 months after would get bills for $0.00.



Must be those with zero balances that are being picked on as I got a bill for 42 cents and it said courtesy bill DO NOT PAY.



Best thing to do is get all the customers that got disconnected and launch a class action lawsuit for price of the reconnect fee plus time of person waiting for them when they should be at work.




defenity sounds like something comcast would do. stupid buggers they are. i hated working for them.

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