College Students Picking on the Kindle DX



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What about porn?

Is there any good Amazon Kindle porn?

I get in trouble frequently with professors when I whip out a stack of 'Jungle fat asses' in my women's study class.

Something needs to change!



These things need two screens so it would be like a open book. You could see two pages at the same time. Or you should beadle to open two different books one on each screen. The way they are they are just to limited.


domih2009 have a lot of technical books handy. I finally solved the need with a tablet PC (a HP TX2 discounted at $800, got rid of Vista put Win 7 instead). Pros: it has colors, a pen, is not unencumbered with limitations or proprietary formats, doubles as video player, it's a PC. Cons: much heavier than an e-reader, less battery time (my guess), more expensive than an e-reader. A dream come true on an airplane (low-life class seat) when you use it in tablet mode. So far, I love it. Next in pipe: indexing PDF, DOC, CHM with some OSS software.



yeah. I get a lot of shop and repair manuals in PDF form since they're cheaper and easier to get that way. I just use a laptop to read them. I can always print out the pages I want to have in paper form. Laptop allows me to look up any information I need on the web if the manual isn't good enough, listen to music, and store pictures of the repair process as I go along. So I guess the best eReader is pretty much just going to be a thin tablet computer.



The only way it'll catch on is when you can do everything you can do with regular text books and more. Until then there won't ever be an incentive, especially if it's going to be less useful and/or cumbersome. The day will eventually come when this is true, but I don't think it'll be anytime soon.

And let's not forget the biggest glaring issue right now -- lack of color in e-readers. Very few disciplines have B&W only textbooks.



I looked at the picture and thought it was talking about the Dell Adamo netbook/notebook.



For most of my engineering textbooks, I have the book tabbed and marked thoroughly. There's a lot of information that I need to flip to quite often while working on problems. The reader would have to have a really easy way to bookmark a page, label it, and then have a very quick way of going back to it. And even with that, how do you navigate the bookmarks quickly enough if you have more than, say, 20 bookmarks.



 It is inevitable that e-books replace print and sooner rather than later. E-ink is the first truly readable device that I use consistently for reading large amounts of text. Yes, the shortcomings are very noticable...for now. There will be a tremendous number of readers in competition soon and eventually one will hit a home run (probably Apple! Heh).

There is nothing magical about books that will save them in the end. Newspapers and magazines are already on their way out.



Interesting... but for what it's worth, I like the fact that it's light.

Textbooks *will* crush the fluid out of your spine. 




The DX only saves you money if all your textbooks are available, and you were originally buying new books. I buy mega-used books that carry hefty discounts.



For the same price tag I'd rather buy a netbook...which has more potentials then kindle

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