CodeAct GR100 keyboard Released for the Serious Video Editor



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This keyboard is competely worthless to professional video editors. I won't use anything that doesn't have keys colored and labeled to my editing system (AVID in my case). There are literally NO pro editors that would even think of using this. Stickers wear off. You absolutely need actual colored keys. This is not for pros - but the price keeps all hobbyists away.

In other words, this keyboard has no market at all. 



 It sounds like a good idea, but speaking as a professional editor, if it doesn't work with at least FCP, Premiere and especially Avid systems, it's not for the pros. It says compatibility with Premiere, and hopefully it will do vegas too, but Avid is such a closed system that I highly doubt any compatibility, and FCP of course is MAC only.

 It's a shame that us Avid users miss out on so many things like this. Avid's promised to change, but in reality, there's been little of it so far.


"There's no time like the future."



Their website is a mix of Korean & English. Is the Video editing software any good, 'Cause looking at the site I would not belive it is.



The article is slightly misleading (for lack of research I expect) in that the Bella Keyboards do NOT offer a jog wheel option for anywhere near $19. This price is for replacement keycaps ONLY when you want to change up their existing DV keyboards for a different application. The article should read "$130 to $150" to be accurate.



What about pink!?! It would be nice to have pink included as a colour option.



 So Andy, are you gonna buy one?




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